Sentence Examples with the word contrivance

No comfort that wealth could purchase, no contrivance that womanly ingenuity, set to work by womanly compassion, could devise, was wanting to his sick room.

This is effected by raising up a small mound of rich compost around it, a contrivance which induces the graft to emit roots into the surface soil.

In the drawing of character, in the invention of felicitous phrase, in the contrivance of verbal music, he is deficient.

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It involves many novel features: the receiving electromagnet is of peculiar construction and remarkable efficiency and the transmitting apparatus has a contrivance to prevent unintentional repetitions of a letter through the operator holding his finger too long on a key.

Sleep of Zeus, by the contrivance of Hera.

Cicero actually saw this contrivance and describes it (De Rep. i.

Logic must go, but so also must the state, as a specially-privileged and eternal order of things, as anything more than a contrivance serving certain purposes of general utility.

The contrivance most generally adopted for calling attention was a call-bell rung either by a small generator or by a battery.

The arches bear on the convex outer side the delicate arborescent gills, and on the concave inner side develop a membranous septum with vermicular perforations, a special sifting or filtering contrivance through which the water absorbed by the mouth has to pass before reaching the respiratory organs of the branchial apparatus.

In spite of its high cost, the drum weir furnishes a valuable hydraulic contrivance for situations where it is very important to be able to close a weir of moderate height against a strong current and to regulate with ease and precision the discharge past a weir.