Sentence Examples with the word contributory

MILFORD HAVEN, a market town, seaport, urban district and contributory parliamentary borough of Pembrokeshire, Wales, situated on the north shore of the celebrated harbour of the same name.

FISHGUARD (Abergwaun), a market town, urban district, contributory parliamentary borough and seaport of Pembrokeshire, Wales, near the mouth of the river Gwaun, which here flows into Fishguard Bay of St George's Channel.

Lays down a rule as to contributory values in place of the widely varying rulesof differentcoun tries as tothe amounts uponwhich ship and freight shall contribute (cf.

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In 1832 Llanelly was added as a contributory borough to the Carmarthen parliamentary district.

Over a legacy claimed by Margaret was a contributory cause of the war which ended at Flodden, where James IV.

Their doctrines were mainly based upon a belief in the government of the universe by some form of physical necessity, and though different opinions might prevail as to the mode of operation of the various forms of physical necessity the occasional recognition of non-material contributory causes never amounted to a recognition of the independence of human volition or intelligence.

Disorder of the cerebellum sets at variance, brings discord into, the space-perceptions contributory to the movement.

Wales, a contributory parliamentary and municipal borough, and a county of itself with its own lord-lieutenant.

CARMARTHEN (Caerfyrddin), a municipal borough, contributory parliamentary borough (united with Llanelly since 1832), and county town of Carmarthenshire, and a county of itself, finely situated on the right bank of the Towy, which is here tidal and navigable for small craft.

For the distinction between main and contributory causes of conduct (causae adjuvantes and causae principales - the a'reov and vvairwwv of Platonic and Aristotelian philosophy) preserved the possibility of regarding character, the main cause, as the responsible and accountable element in morality.