Sentence Examples with the word contributor

Every tax ought to be levied at the time or in the manner in which it is most likely to be convenient for the contributor to pay it.

In the early autumn of 1821 Thiers went to Paris, and was quickly introduced as a contributor to the Constitutionnel.

Diderot, with whom from 1741 onwards he became more and more familiar, admitted him as a contributor to the Encyclopedie.

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He wrote the article Drama, and biographies of Ben Jonson and other dramatists; and he became an important contributor to the present work.

He was a frequent contributor to the press, where his writings were very popular.

In the following year Corneille figured as a contributor to the Guirlande de Julie, a famous album which the marquis de Montausier, assisted by all the literary men of the day, offered to his lady-love, Julie d'Angennes.

This Latin treatise on mining and metallurgy had remained the standard text-book for almost 200 years after its appearance; the translation, with introduction, annotations, and appendices, was a pious memorial to a pioneer contributor to the knowledge of a great profession.

He now supported himself by his pen, and became a regular contributor to the reviews.

In earlier years he was a regular contributor to The Times, and he wrote numerous essays in the principal reviews on political and economic subjects.

Colbert, seeing the public utility of such a periodical, ordered the abbe Gallois, a contributor of De Sallo's, to re-establish it, an event which took place on the 4th of January 1666.