Sentence Examples with the word contributing

He studied law, and was called to the bar at Paris, but soon went into politics, contributing to various newspapers, particularly to the Temps.

If you worry about gas emissions from cows contributing to climate change, lobby for a cow that doesn't have gas.

It is important to liaise with other agencies contributing to the care of the child.

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There is nothing to prevent their contributing to political committees, and the financial methods and the amounts expended by such committees are not made public. But behind all these causes that have led to more honest elections lies the still greater one of a healthier public spirit.

He confidently expected to be nominated for president in 1844, and his famous letter of the 27th of April, in which he frankly opposed the immediate annexation of Texas, though doubtless contributing greatly to his defeat, was not made public until he felt practically sure of the nomination.

The principal of these was ploughing the fields belonging to the lord, and for such ploughing the peasant had not only to appear personally as a labourer, but to bring his oxen and plough, or rather to join with his oxen and plough in the work imposed on the village: the heavy, costly plough with a team of eight oxen had to be made up by several peasants contributing their beasts and implements towards its composition.

Channing (1790-1856) until 1821, contributing essays and criticisms which attracted wide attention.

Before that time it was based exclusively on the use of the harpsichord either as a means of supporting the other instruments or as also contributing principal parts to the combination.

Over time, people will see they will be contributing to the construction of a knowledge base which really is the complete recording of every action of every member of humanity.

The Internet is allowing more innovative methods for socially conscious individuals to directly help people in need, instead of indirectly contributing through a telethon or a payroll deduction for the United Way.