Sentence Examples with the word contre

Rilliet, Le Retablissement du Catholicisme a Geneve it y a deux siecles (Geneva, 1880); P. Vaucher, Luttes de Geneve contre la Savoie, 1517-1530 (Geneva, 1889); Recueil genealogique suisse (Geneve) (2 vols., Geneva, 1902-1907).

In 1758 appeared his Lettre a d'Alembert contre les spectacles, written in the winter of the previous year at Montlouis.

Iv., 1906); also (for the earlier ones) Collection complete de tous les ouvrages pour et contre M.

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Du Bellay replied to his various assailants in a preface to the second edition (1550) of his sonnet sequence Olive, with which he also published two polemical poems, the Musagnaeomachie, and an ode addressed to Ronsard, Contre les envieux poetes.

Les humanites doivent titre protegees contre toute atteinte et fortifiees.

His principal works are Traite des sources de la corruption qui rbgne aujourd'hui parmi les Chretiens (1700), translated into English, Dutch and German, practically a plea for a more ethical and less doctrinal type of Christianity; Catechisme ou instruction dans la religion chretienne (1702), also translated into English, Dutch and German; Traite contre l'impurete (1707); Sermons sur divers textes (1722-1724); Theologiae compendium (1739); and Traduction de la Bible (1724).

Like one of those physical forces which tend to reduce everything to a dead level, he battered down alike characters and fortresses; and in his endeavours to abolish faction, he killed that public spirit which, formed in the 16th century, had already produced the Republique of Bodin, de Thous History of his Times, La Boeties Contre Un, the Satire Mnippe, and Sullys Economies royales.

He was invited by the Jansenist clergy to Holland, where he wrote another controversial work against the Protestants: Defense de l'Eglise Romain contre la calomnie des Protestants (Cologne, 1688-1691).

Tridon, Les Hebertists, plainte contre une calomnie de l'histoire (Paris, 1864).

Wilberforce Clarke, London, 1881; compare also Erdmann, De expeditions Russorum Berdaam versus, Kasan, 1826, and Charmoy, Expedition d'Alexandre contre les Russes, St Petersburg, 1829); Iskandarnama-i-Bahri, second part, edited by Dr Sprenger (Calcutta, 1852 and 1869).