Sentence Examples with the word contract

The prevalent forms of contract are the mezzadria and the lease.

This form of tenancy, like tenancy from year to year, may be treated either by express contract or by implication, as where premises are occupied with the consent of the owner, but without any express or implied agreement as to the duration of the tenancy, or where a house is lent rent free by one person to another.

When someone sacrifices himself for someone else, the assassination contract is void.

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Under the gabella lease the contract lasts twenty-nine years, the lessee being obliged to make improvements, but being sometimes exempted from rent during the first years.

In the first mentioned, the contract system, by which a contractor hires the prisoner's labour from the state, has proved very profitable, but at the sacrifice of discipline and neglect of reformatory processes upon the individual.

If the contract was broken, they became prisoners and might be fettered or made to work as slaves until the obligation was satisfied.

If the adopted child failed to carry out the filial duty the contract was annulled in the law courts.

At the same time he endeavoured to bring about a union of Aragon with Navarre, by a contract of mutual adoption between himself and the Navarrese king, Sancho, who was old enough to be his grandfather.

Schiavanza, either simple or with a share in the crops, is a form of contract similar to the boaria, but applied principally to large holdings.

This film, however, tends to contract on itself, and the loose strip of metal BB will, if it is let go, be drawn up towards AA, provided it is sufficiently light and smooth.