Sentence Examples with the word continued

He continued for some years in favour with the king, who made him a knight of the Garter; but, having killed a man in a passion, he fled abroad and was entertained at the court of the emperor Maximilian, and afterwards at that of Philip, king of Castile, when resident in the Low Countries before his departure for Spain.

Napoleon continued to build line-of-battle ships in numbers from Venice to Hamburg, but only in order to force the British government to maintain costly and wearing blockades.

PALI, the language used in daily intercourse between cultured people in the north of India from the 7th century B.C. It continued to be used throughout India and its confines as a literary language for about a thousand years, and is still, though in a continually decreasing degree, the literary language of Burma, Siam, and Ceylon.

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The Committee transferred their attention from the Sultan Abdul Hamid to the Ottoman Parliament - which assembled on Dec. 17 1908 - as the new means to power, and continued as active as ever.

His Laura long continued to be the most influential monastery in those parts, and produced several distinguished monks, among 1 hem St John of Damascus.

This was the state of opinion when the celebrated arguments against the possibility of motion, of which that of Achilles and the tortoise is a specimen, were propounded by Zeno, and such, apparently, continued to be the state of opinion till Aristotle pointed out that time is divisible without limit, in precisely the same sense that space is.

His Hamburg interests continued from that date onwards to multiply in something like geometrical progression.

He was murdered in 415, but after the speedily ensuing murder of his murderer and successor Sigeric, Wallia (415419), who was elected to the kingdom, continued his work.

She continued to hold him about the neck until he slowly pried her arm away and pushed himself to a half-sitting position, her leg still tightly locked over him.

There was no further official word on Martha's whereabouts, but Fred continued to assure the Deans not to worry, saying the girl was in good hands, whatever that meant.