Sentence Examples with the word contents

They are crushed to egg-size in a rock-breaker, and pulverized to pass a 40-mesh sieve in a California stamp-mill, which treats in 24 hours about 3 tons per stamp. A 10-stamp mill is fed by one rock-breaker, and discharges the liquid pulp into 10-15 wooden settling tanks, 9 by 5 by 8 ft., the settled contents of which are shovelled out and charged into the pans.

The scorifier is taken from the muffle in a pair of tongs and the contents poured into a mould, the lead forming a button in the bottom while the slag floats on top. When cold, the contents of the mould are taken out and the lead button hammered into the form of a cube, the slag, which is glassy and brittle, separating readily from the metal, which is then ready for cupellation.

The main passages and their contents are arranged chronologically in the following way: A.

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Anna Mikhaylovna, in a few words, told her the contents of the letter, on condition that she should tell no one.

That the area of a parallelogram is equal to the area of a rectangle on the same base and between the same parallels, or that the volume of a cone is one-third that of a cylinder on the same base and of the same height, may be established by a proof which is admitted to be rigorous, or be accepted in good faith without proof, and yet fail to be a matter of conviction, even though there may be a clear conception of the relative lengths of the diagonal and the side of a square or of the relative contents of two vessels of different shapes.

See primarily Bible: Old Testament; the articles on the contents and literary structure of the several books; the various biographical, topographical and ethnical articles, and the separate treatment of the more important subjects (e.g.

The contents of a series of tombs at Mochlos throw an entirely new light on the civilization of the Early Minoan age.

Theistic Contents philosophy thinks of God as the absolute being; and of every monotheistic religion insists, not indeed that theology.

In the zoosporangia of Oedogonium, Tetraspora and Coleochaete the contents become transformed into a single zoospore.

Counter-weighted false cover J of the furnace, so that the contents of the bucket slide down into the space between this false;cover and the true charging bell, K.