Sentence Examples with the word contamination

If the contamination exceed a certain limit, the scrapings remain quite dead.

Bouillon is the only town on its banks, and since it is not navigable it has escaped the contamination of manufacturing life; its valley remains an ideal specimen of sylvan scenery and medieval tranquillity.

The media from the store-flasks are placed in glass test-tubes or small flasks, protected from contamination by cotton-wool plugs, and are sterilized by heat.

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For most purposes the solid media are to be preferred, since bacterial growth appears as a discrete mass and accidental contamination can be readily recognized.

This provides for the reduction as far as possible of contamination during the milking process itself.

Keene's cement and its congeners are made in fixed kilns so constructed that only the gaseous products of combustion come into contact with the gypsum to be burnt, in order to avoid contamination with the ash of the fuel.

Another consequence of the tendency of a moderate contamination to distribute itself uniformly is the calming effect of oil, investigated by B.

Thus in1877-1878efforts were made to minimize contamination by segregating the worst criminals and restricting conversation at exercise.

It would seem that the surfaces, coming into collision within a fraction of a second of their birth, would still be subject to further contamination from the interior.

If organic matter were first sterilized and then prevented from contamination from without, putrefaction did not occur, and the matter remained free from microbes.