Sentence Examples with the word consulting

She could probably help him best by conducting business without consulting him for every detail.

All over the world fasting is a recognized mode of evoking, consulting and also of overcoming the spirit world.

In 1814 Harrison received no active assignments to service, and on this account and because the secretary of war (John Armstrong) issued an order to one of Harrison's subordinates without consulting him, he resigned his commission.

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These men, though enchanted with the sovereign for refusing the command of the army, yet blamed him for such excessive modesty, and only desired and insisted that their adored sovereign should abandon his diffidence and openly announce that he would place himself at the head of the army, gather round him a commander-in-chief's staff, and, consulting experienced theoreticians and practical men where necessary, would himself lead the troops, whose spirits would thereby be raised to the highest pitch.

The crusading barons of France chose their own leader, and determined their own route, without consulting Innocent.

All this was in addition to the routine of legislative and consulting work and the establishment of the legislative department of the government of India on substantially its present footing.

He was criticised by the vestals of constitutional tradition for having declared war without consulting Parliament and for not having summoned it until several months later.

He was also frequently employed as consulting actuary, a business in which his mathematical powers, combined with sound judgment and business-like habits, fitted him to take the highest place.

During the American Civil War he was consulting surgeon in the Mower Army Hospital, near Philadelphia, and acquired considerable reputation for his operations in cases of gun-shot wounds.

In consulting the work of Fleury and its supplement, tile general table of contents, published by Rondel, Paris, 1758, i vol.