Sentence Examples with the word consulate

For the next decade his history was almost a blank, his time being occupied for the most part on The Consulate and the Empire.

Under the Consulate he resumed his professional work, and after Waterloo retired to America, where he became president of the university of Louisiana.

He was secretary and then president of the Council of Five Hundred, and under the Consulate a member of the Tribunate.

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The functions of this tribunal are to inquire into and judge differences and suits between Persian subjects and foreigners, and it is stipulated in the treaty of Turkmanchai, which is the basis of all existing treaties between Persia and other countries, that such differences and suits shall only be examined and judgment given in the presence of the dragoman of the mission or consulate (of the foreign subject), and that, once judicially concluded, such suits shall not give cause to a second inquiry.

Under the Consulate he entered the office of the secretary of state, in the department of the archives.

Churchward, My Consulate in Samoa (London, 1887); J.

The salon of Mme de Condorcet was throughout the Consulate and the first Empire a rallying point for the dissentient republicans.

He was minister of finance from the, 8th of June to the 9th of November 1799, but refused office under the Consulate and the Empire.

The consulate is the date employed by the Latin historians generally, and by many of the Greeks, down to the 6th century of our era.

He subsequently organized the army of Italy and the two departments into which Corsica had been divided, was deputy to the Council of the Five Hundred, and accepted various offices under the Consulate and the Empire, being minister of police and of wa y ..