Sentence Examples with the word constrained

Were even more niggardly than they had been under the Jagiellos, and on the single occasion when the terrors of an imminent Tatar invasion constrained them to grant extraordinary subsidies, they saw to it that such subsidies should rest entirely on the shoulders of the burgesses (who had in the meantime been deprived of the franchise) and the already overburdened peasantry.

The automatic sight consists of a bent lever roller cam m, also secured by the bolt e to the carrier; the lower end of the lever carries the cam roller n, which is constrained to move in the cam p by means of the spring in the spring-box g; the rear end of the horizontal arm of the lever is formed into jaws v; the same action of the clutch t which releases the worm and hand-wheel forces a catch on a vertical stem u into the jaws of the lever, and fixes the rocking and sight bars rigidly to it.

Whatever motion the pair of pieces may have as a whole each separate piece shares in common, and this common motion in no way affects the relative motion of A and B The motion of one piece is said to be completely constrained relative(y to the other piece.

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He had approached the shed full of animation, but on seeing Prince Andrew's face he felt constrained and ill at ease.

The movable coil of the wattmeter is normally suspended so that its axis is at right angles to that of the fixed coil and is constrained by the torsion of a spiral spring.

Though constrained by the general dangers of her position to make terms with Prussia, Maria Theresa long cherished the hope of recovering a possession which she, unlike her predecessors, valued highly and held by a far better title than did her opponent.

In 776 Mandi constrained him for a large bribe to renounce his right of succession in favour of his sons, Musa and Harun.

He summoned the tuszenia pospolite, or national armed assembly; but it failed to assemble in time, whereupon Michael was constrained to sign the disgraceful peace of Buczacz (Oct.

It cannot have been his conscience which constrained him to leave Teresa, for his next step was to marry Berengaria of Castile, who was his second cousin.

The nobility is no longer all-powerful; it may be constrained to admit within its own body members for whose presence it has no wish.