Sentence Examples with the word constituent assembly

The constitution under which the republic is governed was drafted by a constituent assembly convened on the 15th of November 1890, and was adopted on the 24th of February 1891.

This meant a complete rupture; on the 5th of February 1849 a constituent assembly was summoned, and on.

He was the author of an important History of the Constituent Assembly (Paris, 2 vols., 1828-1829).

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Unable to rest on historic precedent like England, the Constituent Assembly took as the basis for its labors the tradition of the thinkers.

The Constituent Assembly convened in 1920 was still at work in 1921.

A learned jurist, he contributed during the Constituent Assembly to the organization of the judiciary of France.

These lands consisted of the church property confiscated, on the motion of Mirabeau, by the Constituent Assembly on the 2nd of November 1789, and the crown lands, which had been taken over by the nation on the 7th of October (see French Revolution).

Raynal now realized the impossibility of a peaceful revolution, and, in terror of the proceedings for which the writings of himself and his friends had prepared the way, he sent to the Constituent Assembly an address, which was read on the 31st of May 1791, deprecating the violence of its reforms. This address is said by Sainte-Beuve (Nouveaux lundis, xi.) to have been composed chiefly by Clermont Tonnerre and Pierre V.

It was formed by the members of the district of the Cordeliers, when the Constituent Assembly suppressed the 60 districts of Paris to replace them with 48 sections (21st of May 1790).

In 1791, he drew up a petition to invite the Constituent Assembly to proclaim a republic, - the first in date of such petitions.