Sentence Examples with the word constituent

It is known as leptom, each constituent cell being a leptoid (fig.

This meant a complete rupture; on the 5th of February 1849 a constituent assembly was summoned, and on.

When the Constituent Assembly, on the 26th of February 1790, decreed the division of France into departments, Anjou and the Saumurois,with the exception of certain territories, formed the department of Maine-et-Loire, as at present constituted.

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This writing is fragmentary, and has been preserved merely as a constituent of the Ascension of Isaiah.

Having acted for some time as secretary to Jules Senard, ex-president of the Constituent Assembly, he published an original paper on artistic copyright, but as soon as possible resumed the history of law.

Its perfection would, nevertheless, be undermined by the mobility of all its constituent parts.

In the Constituent Assembly he took an active part in every important debate, combating with especial vigour the alienation of the property of the clergy.

The first, made by Sir William Ramsay in 1896, was that the mineral evolved a peculiar gas when treated with sulphuric acid; this gas, helium (q.v.), proved to be identical with a constituent of the sun's atmosphere, detected as early as 1868 by Sir Norman Lockyer during a spectroscopic examination of the sun's chromosphere.

Ineligible, like all the members of the Constituent Assembly, for the Legislative Assembly, he became president of the criminal tribunal of Paris, but failed through lack of firmness.

The one-sided specialization and the peculiar metallic colouring of the lateral tail feathers mark them as the extreme terms of a degenerative series, whilst the symmetry, likeness of constituent parts inter se, and absence of specialized pigment, as well as the fact that they differ little from any average feather of birds in general, mark the contour feather as primitively simple, and as the starting-point from which the highly elaborated eye-painted tail feather has gradually evolved.