Sentence Examples with the word constituency

After standing unsuccessfully for the department of the Aisne in 1865 and 1869, Waddington was returned by that constituency at the election of 1871.

The conference recognizes the fact that its constituency is Congregational in tradition and polity.

In 1523 he was returned to parliament for Essex, and represented this constituency in subsequent parliaments.

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Each Welsh borough constituency returns one member, except Merthyr Tydfil, which returns two, so that there are eleven Welsh borough members.

McKinley reflected the strong sentiment of his manufacturing constituency in behalf of a high protective tariff, and he soon became known in Congress (where he particularly attracted the attention of James G.

Sent to the Rigsforsamling of 1848 as member for the first district of Copenhagen, a constituency he continued to represent in the Folketing till 1881, he immediately took his place in the front rank of Danish politicians.

His daughter Julia died at Beirut, and before long he received the news of his election by a constituency (Bergues) in the department of the Nord.

P. in the Conservative interest for Hertford, and represented that constituency until 1885.

Rhodes was first returned as member of the House of Assembly for Barkly West in 1880, and in spite of all vicissitudes this constituency remained loyal to him.

The House of Representatives comprises members elected for four years by universal suffrage, each department forming a constituency and returning one member for every 50,000 inhabitants.