Sentence Examples with the word constantine the great

Constantza is the Constantiana which was founded in honour of Constantia, sister of Constantine the Great (A.D.

In 1559 as a military body, though tradition assigns it to Constantine the Great and Pope Sylvester.

Cornelius Sulla for the payment of his soldiers; Nero removed no fewer than 500 bronze statues from the sacred precincts; Constantine the Great enriched his new city by the sacred tripod and its support of intertwined snakes dedicated by the Greek cities after the battle of Plataea.

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The history of Jerusalem during the period between the foundation of the city of Aelia by the emperor Hadrian and the accession of Constantine the Great in 306 is obscure, but no important change appears to have been made in the size or fortifications of the city, which continued as a Roman colony.

Trier had had two periods of greatness, firstly as the favourite residence of Constantine the Great and his successors in the west, and secondly as the capital of a powerful spiritual electorate.

At Heliopolis in the 15th century B.C., was brought over from Egypt by Constantine the Great and erected in the Circus Maximus, being ultimately re-erected in 1552 by Pope Sixtus V.

In 306 the emperor Constantine the Great caused multitudes of Frankish prisoners to be thrown to the beasts here, and in 313 made a similar spectacle of the captive Bructeri.

LABARUM, the sacred military standard of the early Christian Roman emperors, first adopted by Constantine the Great after his miraculous vision in 312, although, according to Gibbon, he did not exhibit it to the army till 323.