Sentence Examples with the word constabulary

Thus the railway and constabulary of both the ex-republics were under a single management.

The constabulary numbers some 600 men and consists of a mixed force of Sikhs, Pathans, Punjabi Mahommedans, Dyaks and Malays, officered by a few Europeans.

The headquarters of the constabulary are at Enniskillen.

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On the 18th of April 100 Gold Coast constabulary arrived.

The completion of the ordnance survey and the establishment of an educated constabulary force brought the operations of 1841 up to the level of those of the sister kingdom.

The railways and constabulary of the two colonies were (1903) placed under an inter-colonial council; active measures were taken for the repatriation of the prisoners of war and the residents in the concentration camps, and in every direction vigorous and successful efforts were made to repair the ravages of the war.

He also commands the departmental constabulary or panders.

In May 1903 an inter-colonial council was established to deal with the administration of the railways in the Transvaal and Orange River Colony (known as the Central South African railways), the South African constabulary and other matters common to the Orange River and Transvaal colonies.

Order is maintained by an armed constabulary force, under a European officer, of about 180, almost all natives from different districts, whose members are found to be very efficient and trustworthy.

Police.-The Royal Irish Constabulary were established in 1822 and consisted at first of 5000 men under an inspectorgeneral for each of the four provinces.