Sentence Examples with the word constable

By assault, despite of the efforts of the gallant castellan, Roger de Lacy, constable of Chester, who had made head against the besiegers for six months (September I 203March I 204) without receiving any assistance from his master.

Those of the grand elector (Joseph Bonaparte), arch-chancellor of the empire (Cambaceres), arch-chancellor of state (Eugene de Beauharnais), arch-treasurer (Lebrun), constable (Louis Bonaparte), grand admiral (Murat).

According to the narrative of Sir Thomas More, Sir Robert Brackenbury, the constable of the Tower, refused to obey Richard's command to put the young princes to death; but he complied with a warrant ordering him to give up his keys for one night to Sir James Tyrell, who had arranged for the assassination.

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Each township is governed by the electors assembled annually (the first Tuesday in March) in town meeting and by three supervisors, a clerk, a treasurer, an assessor, a justice of the peace and a constable, and an overseer of highways for each road district, all elected at the town meeting, justice of the peace and a constable for a term'of two years, the other officers for a term of one year; each overseer of highways is chosen by the electors of his district.

He took an active part in the suit brought by Louise of Savoy against the Constable de Bourbon, and in.

Witness the incredible festivities at the marriage of Charles VI., and the assassinations of the constable de Clisson.

Anne's only daughter, Suzanne, had married in 1505 her cousin, Charles of Bourbon, count of Montpensier, the future constable; and the question of the succession of Suzanne, who died in 1521, was the determining factor of the treason of the constable de Bourbon (1523).

In order to assure his position, the constable de Montmorency wished to marry her to his eldest son, Francis.

In January 13 54 the constable was assassinated by order of Charles, and preparations for war were begun.

In her malignant disputes with the constable de Bourbon on the question of his wife's succession, she goaded him to extreme measures, and her rapacity showed itself also in her dealings with the surintendant des finances, J.