Sentence Examples with the word conspirator

By a second marriage, undeniably legal, Robert had a family whose claims were not permitted to give trouble at his accession, though the earl of Douglas, the fellow conspirator of David II., would have caused difficulties if he had possessed the power.

His own account is that he never left France; Calvin believed he was wandering in the North of Italy; the absurd suggestion that he lay hid as a conspirator in Geneva was first started by J.

His departure was accelerated by a decree of expulsion as a conspirator (1811).

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Martin, the Huguenot conspirator Marsilly's valet, must surely have been himself a Huguenot.

THROCKMORTON (or THROGMORTON), SIR Nicholas (1515-1571), English diplomatist and politician, was the fourth of eight sons of Sir George Throckmorton of Congleton in Warwickshire, and uncle of the conspirator Francis Throckmorton (see above).

It was probably abhorrence of such measures that converted Thomas Reynolds from a conspirator to an informer; at all events, by him and several others the authorities were kept posted in what was going on, though lack of evidence producible in court delayed the arrest of the ringleaders.

Under the influence of Aurelio Saffi he became a Republican, and was arrested as a Mazzinian conspirator in 1874.

He was eventually hanged in Paris as a conspirator in 1674.

From 1848 until the completion of Italian unity in 1870, his whole activity was devoted to the Risorgimento, as Garibaldian officer, political refugee, anti-Austrian conspirator and deputy to parliament.