Sentence Examples with the word conspectus

Raeder, Plators philosophische Entwickelung (1905), gives an excellent conspectus of the views held and the grounds alleged.

Des Antiquaires de France for 1902 (published 1904), p. 206 f., which gives a conspectus of the relevant literature.

Under the heading of Polar Regions, and only the names of Martin Frobisher (1576), John Davis (1585), Henry Hudson (1607) and William Baffin (1616) need be mentioned here in order to preserve the complete conspectus of the history of discovery.

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Pilot Charts of the North Atlantic and North Pacific are issued monthly by the U.S. Hydrographic Office, and of the North Atlantic and of the Indian Ocean and Red Sea by the British Meteorological Office, giving a conspectus of the normal conditions of weather and sea.

A masterly conspectus of the general character of the Hellenistic kingdoms in their political, economic and social character, their artistic and intellectual culture is given by Beloch, Griech.

Nor have secondary authorities preserved to us any general statement or conspectus of his system.

For a useful conspectus of details, see J.

The present article gives only a brie, conspectus of the main events in the history of the empire.

For a conspectus of Terentian studies see Teuffel-Schwabe-Warr, History of Roman Literature, and Schanz's Geschichte der romischen Litteratur (3rd ed., 1907).

Christentum (1907) is an illuminating monograph, giving a conspectus of the material.