Sentence Examples with the word consonant

But the Phoenician form corresponding to it is the consonant w, and occupies the of position of the Greek digamma as sixth in the series.

There is thus a tendency to assimilation, and instead of a guttural followed by a labial semi-vowel, a new labial consonant p is produced.

The point is not clear, but probably the Greeks acted here as they did in the case of the vowel i and the consonant y, adopting the consonant symbol for the vowel sound.

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But a syllabary where each syllable is made by the combinations of a symbol for a consonant with that for a vowel can furnish no proof of the existence of a syllabary in the strict sense, where each symbol represents a syllable; it is rather evidence against the existence of such writing.

A consonant occurring medially is, generally speaking, invariable in the present language; thus the p and d of cupidus are b and dd in cybydd; but with the initial consonant the case is different.

Through the influence of Samuel Wilberforce, he was offered the post of sub-almoner to Queen Victoria, always recognized as a stepping-stone to the episcopal bench, and his refusal of it was honourably consonant with all else in his career as an Anglican dignitary, in which he united pastoral diligence with an asceticism that was then quite exceptional.

Ra, when combined as second letter with k-, t-, p -, is written under the first, and when combined with another consonant as first letter over the second.

Kant's theory of knowledge, then, needed to be pressed to other consequences for logic which were more consonant with the spirit of the Critique.

K, t, p before a consonant are changed into the spirants kh Sanskrit.

Tj after a consonant gives ss (cassar, ca p t i a r e); between vowels, after having been represented by soft s, it has disappeared (r at i 0 n e in gave raz, rays.