Sentence Examples with the word consolation

If you're right about what happened, there must be some consolation in knowing Edith's death had nothing to do with you.

It was little consolation now.

Here is a new philosophy of life, offering solid consolation amid the ruin of a world.

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He endeavoured to find consolation in the completion of his history of the Arabs of Spain.

Baxter, however, found much consolation in his marriage on the 24th of September 1662 with Margaret Charlton, a woman likeminded with himself.

The writer nowhere finds consolation in any Christian belief, and Christ is never named in the work.

It is impossible not to be struck with the growing development of the Israelite tribes after the invasion of Palestine, their strong position under David, the sudden expansion of the Hebrew monarchy under Solomon, and the subsequent slow decay, and this, indeed, is the picture as it presented itself 'to the last writers who found in the glories of the past both consolation for the present and grounds for future hopes.

In his exile Stanislas found his chief consolation in superintending the education of his daughter.

She retired once more to Coppet, where she was not at first interfered with, and she found consolation in a young officer of Swiss origin named Rocca, twentythree years her junior, whom she married privately in 1811.

In fact it is not improbable that the words of consolation uttered by the prophet (Isa.