Sentence Examples with the word conseil

The conseil du roi first divided the total sum among the various generalites (the higher financial divisions), again dividing the amount due from each generalite among the elections of which it was composed.

The law created a departmental committee (commission departementale), elected by the conseil general which, in the interval of the sessions of the latter, takes part in matters concerning the administration of the departmental interests, either in virtue of the law, or by a delegation of pOwers from the conseil general.

Although, when Beam was annexed to the domains of the crown, it was granted a conseil d'etat and a parlement, which sat at Pau, the province also retained its fors until the Revolution.

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The prefect can still annul certain decisions of the conseil general..

In 1861 and in 1864 Fazy failed to secure his re-election to the conseil d'etat, riots followed his defeat, and the Federal troops were forced to intervene so as to restore order.

He governed in the midst of a group of favourites, who formed the conseil des affaires.

In the Salle du Conseil d'Etat some curious 15th-century frescoes have lately been discovered, while the old Salle des Festins is now known as the Salle de l'Alabama, in memory of the arbitration tribunal of 1872.

In the course of this struggle (and especially after the last episcopal vidomne had left the town in 1526) the municipal authorities of the city greatly developed, a grand conseil of 200 members being set up in imitation of those at Bern and at Fribourg, while within the larger assembly there was a petit conseil of 60 members for more confidential business.

At the accession of Louis Philippe he was appointed professor of history at the Sorbonne and master of requests in the Conseil d'Etat.

Among his separate publications at this time are noted, - Du conseil d'etat envisage comme conseil et comme juridiction dans noire monarchie constitutionnelle (1818), and De la res bilite des agents du gouvernement.