Sentence Examples with the word consecutively

On the oldest monuments the years in a reign were not numbered consecutively but were named after events; thus in the 1st Dynasty we find the year of smiting the Antiu-people, in the beginning of the IIIrd Dynasty the year of fighting and smiting the people of Lower Egypt.

The communities of Vysehrad (1883), Holesovic-Bubna (1884) and Liben (1901) were consecutively included in the city.

Under the law of the 29th of June 1890 every Spaniard who is not debarred from his civil and civic rights by any legal incapacity, and has resided consecutively two years in his parish, becomes an elector on completing his twenty-fifth yearSoldiers and sailors in active service cannot vote.

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In the Le Bel-Henninger form a series of bulbs are connected consecutively by means of syphon tubes (b) and having platinum gauzes (a) at the constrictions, so that when a certain amount of liquid collects in any one bulb it syphons over into the next lower bulb.

Robert Napier says that these results would have been reduced to order and demonstrated consecutively but for his father's death.

These frames were numbered consecutively 1 to 12, and hinged together as shown in fig.

They are consecutively filled with nitroglycerin, and are lowered to the bottom of the well, one after the other, by a cord wound upon a reel, until the required number have been inserted.

With these four positions in hand, Wundt's philosophy consecutively follows, beginning with his psychology.

For days consecutively the horse of the explorer can get no other food than the dwarf birch.

This portfolio he retained consecutively in the Freycinet, the Loubet and the Ribot cabinets, 1890-93.