Sentence Examples with the word conjuncture

In this conjuncture Defoe had really no friends, for the dissenters were as much alarmed at his book as the high-flyers were irritated.

The conjuncture of circumstances, and the immigration it induced, were unusual even for American conditions.

It was at this conjuncture that Warren Hastings displayed his political genius and rendered signal service to his country, by succouring from Bengal the defeated Bombay army and negotiating a peace (in 1782) that restored the status quo.

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This was perhaps, as regards England, the most critical conjuncture in the history of the Reformation, both on this account and on account of the position in which Henry VIII.

The keen eye of Aurangzeb saw in this conjuncture of events a favourable opportunity for realising his own ambitious schemes.

During the Crimean War Sweden remained neutral, although public opinion was decidedly anti-Russian, and sundry politicians regarded the conjuncture as favourable for regaining Finland.