Sentence Examples with the word conjecturally

The origin of religion, however, can never be determined archaeologically or historically; it must be sought conjecturally through psychology.

St George's, conjecturally assigned to the reign of Constantine (d.

More lately she has by some been conjecturally recognized in a doubtful, though Leonardesque, portrait of a lady with a weasel in the Czartoryski collection at Prague.

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Stubbs conjecturally identified the first part of the Gesta (r170-1177) with the Liber Tricolumnis, a register of contemporary events kept by Richard Fitz Neal, the treasurer of Henry II.

Meyer, therefore, conjecturally puts the date of Zoroaster at 1000 B.C., as had already been done by Duncker (Geschichte des Altertums, 4 4, 78).

The epistle may be placed conjecturally early in the stay at Ephesus (c. A.D.

It has been traced certainly to the 13th, and conjecturally to the 12th century.

Whether he was a Greek, a Roman or a Goth we do not know; nor can we say when he wrote, though his work may be dated conjecturally in the early part of the reign of Theodoric the Great.

The internal structure of the comitia centuriata underwent a great change during the Republic - a change which has been conjecturally attributed to the censorship of Flaminius in 220 B.C. (Mommsen, Staatsrecht, iii.

The writer is not known; it has been conjecturally dated 1325.