Sentence Examples with the word coniferous

Crude or common turpentine is the commercial name which embraces the oleo-resin yielded by several coniferous trees, both European and American.

ARAUCARIA, a genus of coniferous trees included in the tribe Araucarineae.

The coniferous forests of the north contain, besides conifers, the birch (Betula alba, B.

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True coniferous trees (Walchia) do appear at the top of the coal measures.

Of the coniferous region.

The same coniferous trees are common to both parts of the range.

Starting from the Col d'Altare or di Cadibona (west of Savona), the main chain extends first south-west, then north-west to the Col de Tenda, though nowhere rising much beyond the zone of coniferous trees.

Palaeozoic); Glossozamites and Pterophyllum among the Cycadales, and various vegetative shoots recalling those of the coniferous genus Voltzia, a well-known Permian and Triassic plant of northern latitudes.

Resina, probably Latinized from Greek prpivri, resin), a secretion formed in special resin canals or passages of plants, from many of which, such as, for example, coniferous trees, it exudes in soft tears, hardening into solid masses in the air.

When well prepared for use, larch is one of the most durable of coniferous woods.