Sentence Examples with the word conical

In North America the earliest representative of the group is Systemodon of the Lower Eocene, in which all the upper premolars are quite simple; while the molars are of a type which would readily develop into that of the modern tapirs, both outer columns being conical and of equal size.

With the band dependent from the conical hat of Marduk-bal-iddin II.

The two halves of the nave are secured by bolts or rivets passing through the flanges F, and the pulley is connected to the shaft by a sunk key or by conical keys driven in between the shaft and the boss, which latter is bored to suit.

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In the ripe seed the integument assumes the form of a fleshy envelope, succeeded internally by a hard woody shell, internal to which is a thin papery membrane - the apical portion of the nucellus - which is easily dissected out as a conical cap covering the apex of the endosperm.

This plain produces large quantities of indigo and opium, and is physically remarkable for the number of isolated conical hills which dot its surface.

It is significant that the first iron swords in Cyprus are of a type characteristic of the lands bordering the Adriatic. Gold and even silver become rare; 5 foreign imports almost cease; engraved cylinders and scarabs are replaced by conical and pyramidal seals like those of Asia Minor, and dress-pins by brooches (fibulae) like those of south-eastern Europe.

Dr Joseph Black's instrument consists of a conical tube of tin plate, with a small brass tube, supporting the nozzle, inserted near the wider end, and a mouth-piece at the narrow end.

The formula may, however, be used if the deviation from conical form is relatively less than the errors of measurement.

Ruysch's famous map of the world on a modified conical projection.

A conical jet is thus produced, consisting of an inner cone, with an outer one commencing near its apex - the former, corresponding to.