Sentence Examples with the word congressman

As he was usually called by his middle name, the congressman who recommended him for West Point supposed it to be his first name, and added thereto the name of his mother's family, Simpson.

He was Congressman Quincy.

Brooks (1819-1857), a congressman from South Carolina, suddenly confronted Sumner as he sat writing at his desk in the Senate chamber, denounced his speech as a libel upon his state and upon Butler, his relative, and before Sumner, pinioned by his desk, could make the slightest resistance, rained blow after blow upon his head, till his victim sank bleeding and unconscious upon the floor.

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He did not propose the adoption of free trade, but the administration tariff measure, known as the Mills Bill, from its introducer Congressman Roger Q.

House of Representatives, serving two terms. In 1893 he was elected U.S. congressman and thereafter repeatedly reelected to serve through 1923.

People who would not take time to write their congressman or a news outlet will easily e-mail them instead.

A sidebar quoted the vocal congressman who continued to push for an investigation while an accompanying article contained the ever increasing rants of the defense bar.

Polio, likewise, was an equal-opportunity scourge, and infected such notables as actor Donald Sutherland, author Arthur C. Clarke, Supreme Court Justice William Douglas, Congressman Jim Scheuer, and nuclear physicist Robert Oppenheimer.

Incidents in it were his vehement opposition to the Mexican War as a scheme for more slavery territory, the assault made upon him in Washington by Congressman Albert Rust of Arkansas in 1856, an indictment in Virginia in the same year for circulating incendiary documents, perpetual denunciation of him in Southern newspapers and speeches, and the hostility of the Abolitionists, who regarded his course as too conservative.

While most readers found Epstein's comments inane, at least one congressman agreed to look into it.