Sentence Examples with the word congressional

In the United States the McKinley Tariff Bill was one of the main causes of the Democratic victory in the Congressional elections of 1890, in which McKinley himself was defeated by an extraordinary Democratic gerrymander of his Congressional district.

At the time of his third election he was the only Democrat to be returned to state office, even the lieutenant-governor being Republican, and two-thirds of the congressional districts went Republican.

It is served by the Central of Georgia and the Seaboard Air Line railways, and is the seat of the Third Congressional District Agricultural High School, a branch of the state university of Georgia.

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This, on becoming known, gave rise in1872-1873to a great congressional scandal.

She had spoken in every state, before many state Legislatures, and before Congressional committees.

Wilson, The Congressional Career of Nathaniel Macon (Chapel Hill, N.C., 1900).

His position in the Blaine campaign, his attitude in tariff discussions and legislation, his relations with United States senators, congressional representatives, and other party leaders, his methods in making official appointments, were entirely consistent with his constantly reiterated conviction that in politics permanent good is achieved not by guerilla warfare, but by working through and within the party.

It's also helping them meet a congressional mandate to the military to reduce their fuel use by 20 percent.

In 1906-1907 eleven agricultural and mechanical arts colleges were established, one in each congressional district of the state.

Finally, under a congressional enabling act of the 3rd of March 1875, a constitution was framed by a convention at Denver (loth of December 1875 to r4th of March 1876) and adopted by the people on the rst of July 1876.