Sentence Examples with the word congregationalism

This gave rise to Congregationalism in the more proper sense of the term.

Hence when, after the Toleration Act of 1689, a serious attempt was made to draw the two types together on the basis of Heads of Agreement assented to by the United Ministers in and about London, formerly called Presbyterian and Congregational, the basis partook of both (much after the fashion of the New England Way), though on the whole it favoured Congregationalism (see Dale, pp. 474 ff.).

In such a Catholic atmosphere Congregationalism could have no being, save among little groups of men who protested against the existing order.

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Of far greater importance not only to Congregationalism but also to the future of the American colonies was the care taken by the settlers to provide adequate training for their ministers.

Among the Baptist leaders gained from Congregationalism as a result of the awakening was Isaac Backus (1724-1806), who became the New England champion in the cause of religious liberty and equality, and the historian of his denomination.

Dale's History of English Congregationalism (1907), the most authoritative work at present available.

During the Civil War Congregationalism broadened out into reciprocal relations with the national life and history.

Mackennal, The Evolution of Congregationalism (1901), pp. 43 ff.

The history of presbyteral government as opposed to episcopacy and pure congregationalism is not known in detail.

Dexter's Congregationalism (New York, 1880), pp. 129-202.