Sentence Examples with the word congratulations

He was hailed as the deliverer and father of his country, and all manner of distinctions and congratulations were heaped upon him.

We extend warm congratulations to you.

I sent my belated congratulations to Steve.

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In 1521 war was declared against the king of Hungary on the pretext that he had sent no congratulations on Suleiman's accession.

Formerly, after he had given two or three orders and uttered a few phrases, marshals and adjutants had come galloping up with congratulations and happy faces, announcing the trophies taken, the corps of prisoners, bundles of enemy eagles and standards, cannon and stores, and Murat had only begged leave to loose the cavalry to gather in the baggage wagons.

Empire, Crmieux, as president of the government delegation at Tours, hastened to offer his congratulations to Italy.

Hugs, intros and congratulations followed as we emerged from the car.

Boris came to the Rostovs' box, received their congratulations very simply, and raising his eyebrows with an absent-minded smile conveyed to Natasha and Sonya his fiancee's invitation to her wedding, and went away.

The birth of the princess royal, on the 21st of November 1840, removing the unpopular King Ernest of Hanover from the position of heir-presumptive to the British crown, Birth of the was a subject of loud congratulations to the people.

The town was a favourite residence of John Sobieski, who there received the congratulations of the pope and the Venetian republic on his success against the Turks at Vienna (1683).