Sentence Examples with the word congratulation

The same day the king received the official communication of this declaration and the congratulation of the burgomasters.

The worst blot on his fair fame is his adulatory congratulation of the murderous usurper Phocas; though his correspondence with the Frankish queen Brunhilda, and the series of letters to and concerning the renegade monk Venantius also present problems which his admirers find difficult of solution.

Messages of congratulation came from the rulers of every Protestant nation in Christendom, and a centenary thanksgiving fund of 250,000 guineas was raised for extending the society's work.

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It contains an account of the life and deeds of the emperor, the special subject of congratulation being the complete defeat of the usurper Maximus.

Considering the circumstances under which he wrote, it can only be matter for congratulation that such a man should have become our informant and that his work has been preserved to us.

At Avignon, Pierre d'Ailly was entrusted by the king with a mission of congratulation to the new pontiff.

King Humbert addressed to the pope a letter of congratulation upon his election, and received a courteous reply.

Maffeo Barberini, his warmest friend and admirer in the Sacred College, was, by the election of the 8th of August 1623, seated on the pontifical throne; and the marked distinction with which he was received on his visit of congratulation to Rome in 1624 encouraged him to hope for the realization of his utmost wishes.

In 1658 the improved condition of Scotland was the subject of Cromwell's special congratulation in addressing parliament.

Of congratulation to President Kruger after the collapse of the Jameson Raid, had appeared to identify himself with the national feeling.