Sentence Examples with the word congested

The commonwealth joined the city of Boston in the construction of a subway beneath the most congested portion of the city for the passage of electric cars.

This is due to intense engorgement of the vessels brought about through these minute existing collateral channels and results in a peripheral congested zone round the infarct.

The Congested Districts Board, however, have made efforts to improve the condition of the people, and a branch of the Midland Great Western railway to Achill Sound, together with a swivel bridge across the sound, improved communications and make for prosperity.

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For each individual, these divisions should, for the purposes of the act, form a separate county, called a congested districts county, and should be subject to the operations of the board.

This was due to the action of the Congested Districts Board in buying the Dillon estate and reducing all the rents without consulting the effect upon others.

Further provisions regulating the operations of funds of the board were enacted in 1893, 1896, 1899 and 1903; and by its constituting act the Department of Agriculture was empowered to exercise, at the request of the board, any of its powers and duties in congested districts.

There are few or no large congested tenement-house districts; most of the wage-earners own their own homes or rent cottages.

His work was also constructive, for he broadened the basis of material prosperity and social progress by creating the Congested Districts Board in 1890.

In order to improve the condition of affairs in congested districts, the board was empowered (I) to amalgamate small holdings either by directly aiding migration or emigration of occupiers, or by recommending the Land Commission to facilitate amalgamation, and (2) generally to aid and develop out of its resources agriculture, forestry, the breeding of live-stock, weaving, spinning, fishing and any other suitable industries.

Washington Street, still narrow, is perhaps the most crowded and congested thoroughfare in America.