Sentence Examples with the word conge

Then she sticks her pin into it when it struggles - that is the conge and it always comes from her.

In the case of sees of old foundation this is done by means of the conge d'elire (q.v.), in that of others by letters patent.

His nomination by Lord John Russell to the vacant see of Hereford in December 1847 was again the signal for a violent and organized opposition; and his consecration in March 1848 took place in spite of a remonstrance by many of the bishops and the resistance of Dr John Merewether, the dean of Hereford, who went so far as to vote against the election when the conge d'elire reached the chapter.

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George Sand soon tired of her new love, and even before she had given him his conge was dying to be on again with the old.

Out of the spoils of the dissolved monasteries - were elected by the chapter on a conge d'elire from the crown, but now all deans are installed by letters-patent from the crown.

His conge d'elire as bishop of Salisbury had been made out on the 27th of July, but he was not consecrated until the 21st of January 1560.

A licence under the Great Seal to proceed to the election of a bishop, known as the conge d'eslire, together with a letter missive containing the name of the king's nominee, is thereupon sent to the dean and chapter, who are bound under the penalties of Praemunire to proceed within twelve days to the election of the person named in it.

The bishops were thereafter to be elected by the deans and chapters upon receiving the king's conge d'eslire (q.v.).