Sentence Examples with the word confusing

There is a common adage in science that the more you study a phenomenon, the more confusing it becomes.

In considering the evidence it is a delicate task to avoid confusing its meaning for its age with that which has appeared the only natural or appropriate one to subsequent interpreters (whether Jewish or Christian) who have been necessarily influenced by their environment and by contemporary thought.

You are only confusing the whole question.

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I'd seen those confusing dials and switches hundreds of times in the past, but unfortunately, never paid them a lick of attention.

These anomalies, however confusing to the general reader, in fact cause no appreciable trouble to important makers or users of iron and steel, beyond forming an occasional side-issue in litigation.

Now, beneath these confusing phrases the point to be regarded is that, in Wundt's opinion, though we can receive sensations, we cannot think at all beyond sense, without some will.

The Greeks equated Ubasti with their Artemis, confusing her with the leonine Tafne, sister of Shoou (Apollo).

The Frenchman, confusing the Austrians with the Russians, was trying to prove that the Russians had surrendered and had fled all the way from Ulm, while Dolokhov maintained that the Russians had not surrendered but had beaten the French.

Other race mixtures consist of the zambos (the African-Indian cross), an Asiatic graft upon these various crosses, and an extremely confusing intermixture of the various crosses, for which the Spanish races have descriptive appellations.

As the operations on these three fields had little interaction on one another, it will be more convenient to take them separately than to follow the confusing chronological order.