Sentence Examples with the word confused

Along the south coast of the Caspian this line of elevation is prolonged as the Elburz range(not to be confused with the Elburz of the Caucasus), and has its culminating point in Demavend, which rises to 19,400 ft.

Josh remained sitting in the hay, staring at her as if confused by her response.

This latter theory, which in many cases is equivalent to personification, though it may be, like animism, a feature of the philosophy of peoples of low culture, should not be confused with it.

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She stared at the door, a confused jumble of emotions burning her eyes.

Arbuthnot must not be confused with his contemporary and namesake, the Edinburgh printer, who produced the first edition of Buchanan's History of Scotland in 1582.

Darcie looked confused as she smiled graciously.

ESL students are often confused by slang expressions that do not appear in an English dictionary.

The woman moved behind him, her confused green eyes on Jule.

David, who spent some time in the Albert Edward district, that the creature dwells in the most dense parts of the primeval forest, where there is an undergrowth of solid-leaved, swamp-loving plants, such as arum, Donax and Phrynium, which, with orchids and climbing plants, form a thick and confused mass of vegetation.

It must not be confused with the fanciful barbarian costumes that are so common upon the Attic pots.