Sentence Examples with the word confront

Having an easy task in defending himself against Hobbes's trivial criticism, he seized the opportunity given him by the English translation of the De corpore to track Hobbes again step by step over the whole course, and now to confront him with his incredible inconsistencies multiplied by every new utterance.

I feel as though my unwillingness to confront Sirian has hurt all of Tiyan.

Thus led to confront the questions of necessity and free will, his own views became unsettled, and the further he pursued his inquiries the more he was inclined to assert the freedom of man and limit the range of the unconditional decrees of God.

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Damian stopped, guilty yet too raw to confront her.

Mr Balfour had never spoken more brilliantly, nor shone more as a debater, than in these years when he had to confront a House of Commons three-fourths of which was hostile.

The archduke Charles was the foremost amongst many workers who had realized that numbers were absolutely needed to confront the new French methods.

Soon after the battle of Carchemish (605 B.C.), when the Chaldaean victory over Egypt inaugurated a period of Chaldaean supremacy which lasted till the Chaldaeans themselves were overthrown by Cyrus in 538 B.C. Grave objections, however, confront this interpretation, as is admitted even by such recent defenders of it as Davidson and Driver.

She didn't have to ask him to know he didn't dare confront Xander about it.

While man must confront nature from the human and largely the practical standpoint, yet his control is achieved only by the increasing recognition of objective controls.

No sooner had he wholly recovered than he hastened to, confront the emperor, reproaching him with his impiety; Diocletian ordered him to be instantly carried off and beaten to death with rods.