Sentence Examples with the word confine

Taking no account of the real forces of the time, he aimed at an ideal form of society in which the clergy should confine themselves to their spiritual duties, and the king, after being enlightened by open communication with the Scottish nation, should maintain law and order without respect of persons.

Reverendus do not confine the term to those in orders; Du Cange (Gloss.

For simplicity we confine ourselves to mixtures of two components, in which experience shows that three cases are to be recognized according as the components are (I) completely immiscible, (2) partially miscible, (3) miscible in all proportions.

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A rising among his Swabiandependants compelled Albert to recognize the sovereignty of his rival, and to confine himself to the government of the Habsburg territories.

But he did not confine his attention to abstract inquiries.

The Speculum Doctrinale, in seventeen books and 2374 chapters, is a summary of all the scholastic knowledge of the age and does not confine itself to natural history.

At first I did not attempt to confine my pupil to any system.

In fine, they eschew theories and confine themselves to visible facts.

The sole precaution taken was to confine themselves between sunset and sunrise to their mosquitoproof dwelling.

The Lagrangian method being employed rarely, we shall confine ourselves to the Eulerian treatment.