Sentence Examples with the word confident

As for Derick, he seemed quite confident that this would be the case, and occasionally with a deriding gesture shook his lamp-feeder at the other boats.

Then he drew back, his gaze running over her face in that familiar confident way.

For a moment, Dusty was reminded again of the strong, confident leader Darian had been, long ago.

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Andrews has, moreover, not only brought forward additional evidence in favour of this most remarkable line of descent, but is confident - which Professor Fraas was not - that Zeuglodon itself is an ancestral cetacean, and consequently that whales are the highly modified descendants of creodonts.

Jetr's confident gaze remained on the viewer.

While Dean held out no illusions of leading the pack through the mountains, after turning out 73 miles of rolling hills on a humid Saturday, he felt more confident of his chance of least not embarrassing himself.

Yet at the time that we devised each plan, we were confident it would succeed.

His were warm and the kiss was confident and lengthy.

Not a course for beginners, but the reasonably confident golfer will appreciate his skill in creating a hard, but fair, 18 holes.

It was an ably written review, in which the theology of the Haldanes asserted itself in a somewhat dogmatic and confident tone against all unsoundness and Moderatism, clearly proclaiming that the former things had passed away.