Sentence Examples with the word confidence

It is ironic that the retarded man should be taken into the confidence of these supposedly normal characters.

But, though Suffolk was gone, Somerset yet survived, and their partisans still engrossed the confidence of the king.

This feeling of confidence found due expression at the diet of 1446, which deliberately passing over the palatine Laszlo Garai elected Hunyadi governor of Hungary, and passed a whole series of popular measures intended to be remedial, e.g.

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He possessed the special confidence of William and Mary, and was made clerk of the closet to the king in March 1689.

He had little of the courtier about him; his sombre temperament and directness of speech irritated the queen, and it says something for both of them that he retained her confidence and his office until the end of his life.

Marie Antoinette soon won the affection and confidence of the dauphin and endeared herself to the king, but her position was precarious, and both Mercy and Maria Theresa had continually to urge her to conquer her violent dislike for the favourite and try to conciliate her.

This may be attributed in no small degree to the personality of the men who have had the supreme direction at home and abroad, and who have, by their social position and personal qualities, acquired the confidence of the public. With the exception of the Royal Niger Company, it would be incorrect to say that they have been financially successful, but in the domain of government generally it may be said that they have added vast territories to the British empire (in Africa about 1,70o,000 sq.

He walked like he was the White God, with confidence and command.

The story is apocryphal; but Napoleon's confidence in him was evinced by his being appointed to similar duties in the Grand Army, which in the autumn of 1805 overthrew the armies of Austria and Russia.

The success of the Hussite raids in Germany gave fresh confidence to the Sla y s of Poland.