Sentence Examples with the word confessedly

His first edition, in 1791, was confessedly very defective; the second, in 1806, still left much to be desired.

In the treatment of the relative motions of a limited system, we may use a confessedly provisional base, though it may be necessary to introduce corrections, either exact or approximate, to take account either of the existence of bodies outside the system, or of the rotation of the base employed relative to a more correct one.

It ought to have been easy for kings whose authority was confessedly so great to have made themselves effectively despotic amid all this division and weakness.

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All his work is marked by original constructive thought, except in a few subjects, in which he confessedly expounded Bentham's views.

As regards works of a scientific character, the Magyars until recently were confessedly behindhand as compared with many other European nations.

From gradual changes in the living tongue through a long expanse of time many words, phrases and idioms in the Bearla Feini became obsolete, and are so difficult to translate that the official translations are to some extent confessedly conjectural.

Richter, in his Evangelische Kirchenordnungen des 'Olen Jahrhunderts (2 vols., 1846), has collected more than one hundred and eight separate ecclesiastical constitutions, and his collection is confessedly imperfect.

Further, since Socrates and the Socratics were educators, they too might be, and in general were, regarded as sophists; but, as they conceived truth - so far as it was attainable - rather than success in life, in the law court, in the assembly, or in debate, to be the right end of intellectual effort, they were at variance with their rivals, and are commonly ranked by historians, not with the sophists, who confessedly despaired of knowledge, but with the philosophers, who, however unavailingly, continued to seek it.

Pp. 775 seq.; but it is confessedly far from complete.

They were confessedly said, not sung; and it was natural that the example should be extended to Homer.