Sentence Examples with the word conference room

He went next door to the conference room and opened it.

I gathered them in the conference room and filled them in on what Merrill Cooms had told me.

The conference room was silent, the air purified, the lighting perfect.

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Frank led me down a long corridor to a large conference room filled with perhaps thirty intent individuals, standing and sitting, some taking notes, others with few buried faces in computer screens.

They.d spent the hour in the conference room without fighting or threatening to kill each other.

Andre was dressed in cashmere and wool, his hair kept short and neat, his loafers more expensive than Kris's conference room had cost to build.

She heard footsteps from the direction of the conference room and offered a smile as Ne'Rin rounded the corner.

Rhyn, the rest of the Council is meeting now in the conference room off my chambers.

The conference room behind it was large and open, its ceiling cathedral and one wall twice the height of the others.

The conference room was plain, the white walls bare, the harsh lighting and round conference table centered.