Sentence Examples with the word confederate

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He held that England's according the rights of belligerents to the Confederate states had doubled the duration of the war, entailing inestimable loss.

Forrest, one of the ablest Confederate cavalry leaders.

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In 1861 he withdrew from the Senate, left Washington and actively espoused the Confederate cause.

His brother George Cary Eggleston (1839-), American journalist and author, served in the Confederate army; was managing editor and later editor-in-chief of Hearth and Home (1871-1874); was literary editor of the New York Evening Post (1875-1881), literary editor and afterwards editor-in-chief of the New York Commercial Advertiser (1884-1889), and editorial writer for The World (New York) from 1889 to 1900.

On the 10th of August 1861 at Wilson's Creek, near Springfield, General Nathaniel Lyon was defeated by a superior Confederate force in one of the bloodiest battles of the war.

During the Civil War the city was a centre for Confederate commissary supplies and the seat of a Treasury depository.

In Congress he joined the radical wing of the Republican party, advocated the confiscation of Confederate property, approved and defended the Wade-Davis manifesto denouncing the tameness of Lincoln, and was soon recognized as a hard worker and ready speaker.

JOSEPH EGGLESTON JOHNSTON (1807-1891), American Confederate general in the Civil War, was born near Farmville, Prince Edward county, Virginia, on the 3rd of February 1807.

After several preliminary engagements Sherman on the 26th and 27th of June made repeated unsuccessful attempts to drive the Confederates from their defences at Kenesaw Mountain; he then resorted to a flanking movement which forced the Confederate general to retire (July 2) toward Atlanta.