Sentence Examples with the word condorcet

Rod.) See further Sainte-Beuve, Portraits contemporains, ii.; Antoine Guillois, Le Salon de Mme Helvetius (1894) and La Marquise de Condorcet (1897); O'Meara, Un Salon a Paris: Mme Mohl (undated); and J.

C. Clairault, d'Alembert, Condorcet and the Abbe Marie.

In the spring of 1792 he received the rank of marechal de camp in command of the cavalry in the army of the north; but the influence of the extremists becoming predominant he took indefinite leave of absence, and settled at Auteuil, where, with Condorcet and Cabanis, he devoted himself to scientific studies.

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About 1802 he contracted with Madame de Condorcet a liaison which lasted till her death (1822).

The salon of Mme de Condorcet was throughout the Consulate and the first Empire a rallying point for the dissentient republicans.

The principal older biographies are those of Dupont de Nemours (1782, enlarged in his edition of Turgot's Works, 1807-1811), and Condorcet (1786); the best modern ones are those of A.

When Condorcet described the Tenth Epoch in the long development of human progress, he was sure not only that fulness of light and perfection of happiness would come to the sons of men, but that they were coming with all speed.

This rifacimento remained the standard text with a few unimportant additions for nearly two centuries, except that, by a truly comic revolution of public taste, Condorcet in 1776 published, after study of the original, which remained accessible in manuscript, another garbling, conducted this time in the interests of unorthodoxy.

His father shared the theories on that subject of Condorcet and Godwin; and his son combated them on the ground that the realization of a happy society will always be hindered by the miseries consequent on the tendency of population to increase faster than the means of subsistence.