Sentence Examples with the word condo

They flew south, and she strained against the harness to see if her own condo was still standing.

She'd never expected to see her condo again and couldn't shake the feeling it wouldn't be the same.

As soon as the condo goes up, have them start, Dusty directed.

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The destruction disappeared by mile marker five, only a few hundred meters from the turnoff to her condo community.

The condo was silent.

She recalled how empty her condo had felt when she went back to it two weeks ago.

His condo swayed in the harsh winds of the latest storm spawned from the massive depression in the Gulf.

The perfect alignment of the interior of his condo was born of his desire to control his surroundings.

Your condo is so cold and standoffish.

At two in the morning, she was the only one to stir in the crowded condo community.