Sentence Examples with the word condescend

The Protestants refused to attend an assembly where even the most conciliatory prelate could hardly condescend to meet them on equal terms. Nor was Pole allowed to use the only possible means of overcoming their reluctance.

The Emperor did not condescend to reply.

The Thunder Emperor does not condescend to mortals, let alone bed them.

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They did not even condescend to talk to Congress.

The combative energy, the sense of superiority, the spirit of satire, characteristic of him as a Roman, unite with his loyalty to Epicurus to render him not only polemical but intolerant and contemptuous in his tone toward the great antagonists of his system, the Stoics, whom, while constantly referring to them, he does not condescend even to name.

That a wood-louse and a land-crab are alike Malacostracans, and that they have by different paths alike become adapted to terrestrial life, are facts which even a philosopher might condescend to notice.

They will not condescend or take any notice of their indiscretion.

He would not even condescend to make a baby laugh if nobody else laughed, or even listened.

Opposition soon arose, and as Alexander could not understand a freedom which differed from himself, and would not condescend to the use of corruption, by which the ancient Polish diets had been managed, he was driven to use force.

He may be amused by a foreigner as by a monkey, but he will never condescend to study him with any patience.