Sentence Examples with the word condense

The method commonly adopted in measuring the latent heat of a vapour is to condense the vapour at saturation-pressure in a calorimeter.

The esters of the acid condense readily with aromatic aldehydes and ketones to form y-disubstituted itaconic acids and y-alkylen pyrotartaric acids (H.

The homologues of acetylene condense more readily; thus allylene, CH: C CH 3, and crotonylene, CH 3.0: C CH 3, yield trimethyland hexamethyl-benzene under the influence of sulphuric acid.

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Apart from his idylls and his elegies, Chenier also experimented from early youth in didactic and philosophic verse, and when he commenced his Hermes in 1783 his ambition was to condense the Encyclopedia of Diderot into a poem somewhat after the manner of Lucretius.

More usually, however, the ring might be expected not to be uniform, and, therefore, to condense in some parts more rapidly than in others.

They also condense with aldehydes, under the influence of alkalis or sodium ethylate (L.

The mountains condense the moisture brought by the west winds, and the yearly amount of rain varies from So to 120 in.

Organic acids also condense with alcohols to form similar compounds: the fats, waxes, and essential oils are naturally occurring substances of this class.

An equivalent statement of the same conclusion may be put thus: supposing a gaseous nebula is destined to condense into a sun, the elementary matter of which it is composed will develop in the process into our known terrestrial and solar elements, parting with energy as it does so.

In an instant's compass, great hearts sometimes condense to one deep pang, the sum total of those shallow pains kindly diffused through feebler men's whole lives.