Sentence Examples with the word concrete

For masonry, brick or concrete the arch subjected throughout to compression is the most natural form.

Considere's ex periments have shown that concrete when reinforced is capable of being stretched, without fracture, about twenty times as much as plain concrete.

That the propositions are hypothetical in this fashion does not imply any distinction between the abstract truth of the ideal judgments and the im p erfect correspondence of concrete material with these abstract relations.

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Katie tossed her coat at the rack and watched anxiously as the pole danced around the concrete floor before settling down.

All the comforts of home, except behind the rich brocade fabric walls stood twenty-four inches of rebar reinforced concrete and the door consisted of eight-inch diameter solid steel bars.

He moved across the concrete with feline grace and propped himself against a pillar with one broad shoulder.

Jake trotted behind her, his nails clicking on the concrete floor.

The first of these deals with the notion of duty, and endeavours to define the good or the ultimate end of action; the second lays out the scheme of concrete duties which are deducible from, or which, at least, are covered by, this abstractly stated principle.

This steel septum was protected on either side by a thin wall of asphaltic concrete supported by rubble stone embankments, and owing to irregular settling of 'the embankments became greatly distorted, apparently, however, without causing leakage.

The assailant shoved Dean backwards, sitting him down hard on the concrete sidewalk as his head whacked the wall.