Sentence Examples with the word concise

ANNALS (Annales, from annus, a year), a concise historical record in which events are arranged chronologically, year by year.

Nutt (1888), and a more concise treatment of the subject by the same writer in No.

In 1731) made the ablest and most concise statement of this form of doctrine.

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A concise history of the Zulu People from the most Ancient Times (1905); G.

Neill's Concise History of Minnesota (Minneapolis, 1887); and T.

He demonstrated the sphericity of the ' A concise sketch of the whole history of geographical method or theory as distinguished from the history of geographical discovery (see later section of this article) is only to be found in the introduction to H.

The laws and regulations were generally very concise revelations, but most of them have been amalgamated with other pieces of similar or dissimilar import, and are now found in very long suras.

KOrting, Diktys and Dares (1874), with concise bibliography; H.

He again vividly recalled the details of the battle, no longer dim, but definite and in the concise form in which he imagined himself stating them to the Emperor Francis.

It will be surmised from what has been said that any concise statement of orthodox theosophy is hardly to be expected; though from the materials available a fairly definite outline of its leading tenets can be deciphered.